About The Pixie Awards

The mission of The Pixie Awards is to honor and promote outstanding individual work in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Animation. The Pixie Awards is sponsored by the American Pixel Academy, founded in 2008 by David E. Carter, also the founder of the Telly® Awards and American Corporate Identity, and editor of the Creativity Annual.


Entries may be a single work, multiple clips from the same project, or a composite of work from within the same category.


Click here for a list of categories.


Entries are judged on a standard of excellence, not against each other. Entries scoring 9.0 or higher on a 10-point scale qualify for the Pixie Platinum Award. Those scoring 7.0 to 8.9 qualify for the Pixie Gold Award. All winners receive a Pixie Award certificate. Winners may also purchase Pixie Award statuettes or additional personalized certificates.


All entrants are notified by email as well as US Mail with the results of their entries.


See How to Enter for the current deadline.